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First TiVo Hydra Feature Update Rolling Out

The TiVo Hydra experience has seen a number of updates, since its October release, but they’ve primarily been focused on squashing (numerous) bugs. While that work continues, TiVo has begun rolling out their first “feature update” to existing Hydra owners — beginning two weeks ago with 5000 randomly selected boxes and now expanded to the general TiVo populace.

There are a number of visible changes, but the headline feature relates to the continued deprecation of textual lists in favor of a newly unveiled, graphically-intensive, dual-axis navigation. Another possibly notable revision is an update to the “mini guide” that closes the gap on the abandoned pioneering “Live Guide.”

As one pal told me, if you already appreciate the Hydra experience you’re gonna enjoy it that much more. If Hydra isn’t your thing, the 21.8.1 update won’t move the needle much… and I personally see no reason to give Hydra another go our home at this point. Our TiVos work just fine and predictably within the Encore HDUI. Although I do wonder if Hydra will be a pre-req when the delayed native Alexa integration hits.

(Thanks Daren, Mikey!)

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  • Two more notes: 1) Over 100,000 TiVo boxes are running Hydra at this point. Wonder how many are retail boxes as a test bed for their larger MSO population. 2) The company is "increasing our efforts to improve usability in Hydra" #

  • Can you roll back from Hydra? I have it on my bolt but I still prefer the old interface. There seems to be no easy way to go back like on the old interface. It is growing on me, but so are the age spots.

  • I didn't mind the Hydra update, but this recent one is too annoying. You cannot turn off annoying graphics to the same extent as before and it is slightly harder to get to standby.

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