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TiVo Preps “Next Gen” Interface

While perusing the merger-related deluge of regulatory filings for notable nuggets, we learn that TiVo is developing a “Next Gen UI” (in addition to reinforcing another consumer product is coming, which we’ll discuss next). For color, Virgin Media indicates they “will be updating the existing TiVo set-top box to make its menus slicker and more picture-based.” Vertical lists of text are inefficient in many cases and TiVo’s taxonomy could use some work. I’ve also long said the existing interface isn’t optimized for the appification of television, which probably dovetails with that “next gen consumer product.” Further, I wonder if user profiles are still on the roadmap and when voice control will hit.

Sadly, as is the reality in this space (re: Roku), advertising will likely see increased representation in TiVo’s new look. From CEO Naveen Chopra:

We have had over the last few years a number of different approaches to monetizing that. That continues to evolve so it’s a business that we are still investing in, but it’s one that’s certainly in our discussions where we will continue to be a big priority for the combined company going forward. We think there’s lot of opportunity there. The advertising business in TiVo frankly has been subscale; it’s been something we think has been important to show what the next generation of advertising and interfaces can look like

For reference, TiVo’s current HDUI bowed with the Premiere in 2010… yet still hasn’t been completed. Hopefully, they can knock out their guide transition within the 90 day wind-down period (which I’m hearing is the likely timeframe) and deliver a (complete) graphical interface refresh in 2016.

(Thanks Sam!)

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  • Are you sure that the "next gen" UI isn't just the ported version of the Bolt? That does have an updated look (and more complete HDUI) compared to the Roamio/Virgin boxes...

    Though that doesn't explain the "slicker and more picture-based".

  • I believe it to be more substantial than the Bolt refinements and expect it to extend to other initiatives like mobile and that seemingly abandoned Fire TV app.

  • "Vertical lists of text are inefficient in many cases and TiVo’s taxonomy could use some work."

    Even if we completely forget about the ads, you will bitterly regret this comment once the new UI rolls out and you discover it is a far less efficient UX than "vertical lines of text"...

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