Verizon Brings Voice Control To FiOS TV

fios-mobile-voiceVoice interaction has evolved into something much more than a gimmick. And Verizon is up next with a pair of app updates today (iOS, Android) that bring spoken control to FiOS TV. The refreshed FiOS Mobile app allows you to speak fairly naturally when searching for programming, stars, or tuning a channel. While not yet as adept or versatile as say Apple TV or Comcast’s Xfinity implementation, with somewhat limited reach and requiring you tap the magnifying glass followed by the mic icons, Verizon surely beats TiVo’s yet-to-launch voice solution.

Related, as a TiVo owner, I can’t obviously use the FiOS app to change TiVo channels. Which reminds me… I’ve been meaning to check out this Alexa TiVo skill for use with Echo.