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Xbox One To Receive Makeover, Courtesy Windows 10

Amongst the predictable onslaught of rehashed new games out of E3, comes word that the Xbox One is set to receive a significant makeover – courtesy new Windows 10 underpinnings. And it really can’t arrive soon enough as I find the current interface unwieldy and disorienting. Granted, I am middle-aged and perhaps my synapses don’t fire as fast as they once did. But we’re often the ones bankrolling these initiatives. So I’m happy to see Microsoft throw this old dog a bone. In fact, I give them credit – when it comes to Xbox, they’ve never been afraid to blow up the UI and try something new. It may not always resonate, but I salute their risk-taking in support of bettering the experience.

Some highlights: Beyond a much simplified, though still visually rich, presentation, with a heavy emphasis on “community,” clicking left from the new Home screen or double clicking the Xbox button while in a game brings up a narrow overlay of common settings, features, and messages we’d quickly want to get at. Microsoft is also promising a generally smoother, quicker experience. Further improving usability in a highly significant way is an always-present Cortana for voice control. However, it’s not clear to me if Cortana can be accessed via the gaming headset with mic or if I’m going to once again plug in my dust-collecting Kinect. Sadly, while you can still “pin” your favorite apps, games, and the like … they’re now banished to the very bottom of the Home area and, at least for the moment, I pine for higher priority presentation.

No additional word on background music or DVR capabilities, but we expect both are on the docket … even if they don’t launch with this already massive update, scheduled for late Fall.

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  • "No additional word on ... DVR capabilities..."

    Well, with the new, improved WMC shipped as a default part of Windows 10, aren't DVR capabilities just implied?


    And why the hell does Robert Seidman hate me? What have I ever done to him?

    When you launch your upcoming Live Call-In Podcast™, I think I'd be a fine caller. I've always try to be a value-add to the blog, and would try to do the same for your upcoming Live Call-In Podcast™.

    What does Robert Seidman think I'd do? Make some kind of Howard Stern crank call? Baba-Booey? I don't even like Howard Stern. Even if I were to make a crank call, I think I could at least elevate the humor to Beavis and Butt-head standards...

  • I think i'd rather just avoid the controvery and bruised feelings - so I'll sacrifice myself and the podcast so you both can feel good about the status quo.

  • "I think i’d rather just avoid the controvery and bruised feelings – so I’ll sacrifice myself and the podcast so you both can feel good about the status quo."

    That's damn noble of you, kind sir. But I am disappointed. A Live Call-In Podcast™ would've be revolutionary. I've been busy rehearsing my "Long-time listener, first-time caller..." intro. And I hear that Pied Piper can handle the massive server load that would've resulted.

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