Comcast Announces new Xfinity remote with voice control
You don’t have to learn a new language or speak like a robot. Just press the blue button, say what you want to watch and it appears on screen. It’s easy, just like watching TV should be.

JetBlue to Offer Amazon Prime Members Free Wi-Fi to Stream Video
Amazon is taking to the skies in its battle with Netflix: The e-commerce giant announced a deal with JetBlue, under which Prime members will have free, unlimited access to in-flight Wi-Fi — fast enough to stream video right to their seats.

TiVo Survey Indicates Majority of OTA Cord Cutters Come From Satellite
TiVo Inc., a leader in monetizing over the air signals for operators, today released the findings of an in-depth survey of Over The Air (OTA) TV consumers revealing that a materially higher percentage of cord cutters are coming from former satellite TV service subscribers.

Cable companies want you to pay twice for On Demand with Hulu Plus deal
In another sign that operators are increasingly willing to bring over-the-top streaming services directly to their subscribers, Hulu has announced that it has reached agreements with five multichannel operators to offer Hulu’s subscription streaming service to their customers.

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  • In the old days, my goal had been 2-3 posts a day. And when I couldn't hit that or there was more I wanted to share, I'd run round-up posts like these. Nowadays, I'm probably shooting for 2-3 posts a week ;) and was wondering if collating some of my tweeted links and then some might be valuable. The traffic suggests it may not, for most...

  • "The traffic suggests it may not, for most…"

    Don't immediately trust the traffic numbers.

    If someone comes into the blog from the top, they're not going to click on these individual posts and register 'traffic'. And they add value to the blog, which could translate over time to increased numbers.

    Personally, I also find them valuable. The 'satellite teevee-sub-cutters' and 'OnDemand / Hulu' bites were both quite interesting to me, and I wouldn't have found them otherwise.

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