Tablo adds FF/RW Preview With 2.1.24 Update


Prior to totally revamping their Roku interface, and bringing Amazon Fire TV and Google Nexus Playing into the mix, Tablo gave existing customers a nice little update with version 2.1.24. Previously, you had to blindly FF or RW using the Roku app and/or web player. With this enhancement, you’re now able to see a thumbnail preview while invoking these actions. It’s a small change yes, but something I find highly useful.

You can read more about the update on Tablo’s blog here. Tablo is still expected to release the new app versions for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Nexus Player by the end of this month. Also, the new Tablo Metro is available for preorder in the US that was announced back at 2015 CES.

6 thoughts on “Tablo adds FF/RW Preview With 2.1.24 Update”

  1. Great company making actual improvements to existing products. For many of us with poor OTA, though, were still awaiting the CableCard model.

  2. “Not sure if we’d ever see a Tablo with CableCard.”

    Are you also “not sure” if the sun will crash into the Earth tomorrow?

    (I mean, hey, anything is possible. But seriously now…)

  3. No, I’m sure that one day the Earth will be gobbled up by the Sun. That’s inevitable. :-)

  4. “No, I’m sure that one day the Earth will be gobbled up by the Sun. That’s inevitable.”

    Glad to see you stop equivocating.

    However, I’d say the odds of Tablo gaining CableCARD support before that day comes is pretty damn low, however.

    (And remember that scary day in 1990 when the Sun came within 250ft from Earth before turning away, just mildly singing Madagascar? Spooky stuff.)

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