Staples Connect Works With Nest

Last year at CES, Zonoff’s demo suite was full of the Staples Connect hardware they power along with a variety of familiar brands like Lutron and Jawbone. This year, several other friends joined the party including the Google Nest smart thermostat and a souped-up, Sonos-fighting Bose sound system.

The desire for Nest integration is obvious, although this is the first we’ve seen the smart thermostat connected to the Zonoff platform. So while Zonoff may not yet “Work With Nest” … they clearly work with Nest. Bose system support is perhaps slightly less obvious, but it makes sense when you contemplate pairing music or talk radio with other sensors tied to lighting and motion detection. Put a speaker in your bathroom, and you can set the music to turn on when you open the door in the morning. Put one in the kitchen, and you can program it to play NPR when you head in to make dinner in the evening.

Zonoff with Bose sound system

Both the Nest and the Bose system integration (which we assume will officially be announced and released at a later date) should also play well with the new Modes feature Zonoff introduced last week. You probably don’t need your heat to cycle on in the mornings if you’re away on vacation. That’s okay. Put the system in Vacation Mode. You probably also don’t want NPR playing in the kitchen if you’re sneaking in for a midnight snack. That’s okay, set the system to Sleep Mode.

Also in Zonoff news, we’ve heard from multiple sources that ADT is a new investor in the company. That’s a big win, and we’re hoping for official confirmation soon… along with some sort of technical and/or marketing integration.

4 thoughts on “Staples Connect Works With Nest”

  1. Also looks like a Logitech Harmony Home remote up there… Adam’s got a review loaner, I think he quite likes it. Would rather integrate with a Staples Connect hub than buy yet another hub/bridge like the Zigbee puck Logitech is preparing.

    Regarding their new investors, I notice Zonoff recently added new LG device support to Staples Connect … despite Staples not yet selling such items. Given Samsung’s acquisition of SmartThings, maybe LG needs something more than webOS in the hopper? Hm.

    Lastly, Adam has moved on from Nest. He wants ecobee support. Who’s going to make that happen for him?

  2. I have not moved on from Nest yet. So I am excited to see this. The Bose stuff sounds interesting–and expensive. Hope there’s some more affordable stuff in the plans too. Also that Bluetooth support they talked about…

  3. So when you say ” works with nest” do you mean that the nest thermostat will tell the connect hub it is home/away or the other way around when only the connect can tell the Nest to set itself to away/home. This seems like an odd move for Nest if it wants to be a hub.

  4. I do like the Logitech Harmony Home and will write up my thoughts soon. Love being able to control the Lutron lights with different activities.

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