Tablo TV 2.1.16 Update – Getting smarter by the minute!


Ever since the original release of Tablo TV, Nuvyyo has been addressing launch bugs by providing incremental updates. Back in July, they added additional features such as manual recordings, Closed Captioning support, and Plex support. Yesterday, Tablo TV released their 2.1.16 update with some new features that makes this little box one of the best OTA DVRs out there:

  • Smart Scheduling – This prevents your Tablo from recording duplicate shows. Previously, if you set Tablo TV to record all shows, it would do just that, even if the show had already been recorded. This is a great feature if you are trying to capture all those Big Bang Theory shows :-)
  • Auto Extend Live Recordings – Recordings that are marked as “live” (think sports and specials) will automatically be extended.  Tablo will add 50% of the total scheduled time, up to 2 hours. No more missing the rest of the Bears game!
  • Auto Delete – Oldest recordings will be automatically deleted, unless they are marked as protected.
  • Resume Playback for RecordingsThis is a big one for cross device usage. Tablo TV will now remember where you stopped watching a show, and then resume on a different device. For example, you start watching a show on your Roku in the Living Room.   You decide to head upstairs for the night and grab your iPad/Android tablet. The show will then resume playing where you stopped on your Roku.  Tablo states that that this works on all platforms that they support!
  • Watched Indicator – You now have the ability to mark shows as watched. Unwatched episodes will be designated by a blue dot, partially watched episodes by a partial blue dot and watched episodes will have no indicator.  Watched indicator will be available on iOS, web and Roku only.

Overall, a very impressive update for a box that has only been on the market less than six months! Tablo has also announced expanded distribution with and

9 thoughts on “Tablo TV 2.1.16 Update – Getting smarter by the minute!”

  1. I love the idea of the Tablo but the penny-pincher in me can’t stomach the $5/month or $150 lifetime (2.5 years to equal monthly?) fee for guide data , not when I can still get the guide data for free on Win7MCE.

  2. Is Tablo still limited to Hard Drives 2TB and smaller? That seemed a little crazy to only be limited to small capacity hard drives. Since you have to supply your own drive and hard drives are at 6TB or larger now.

  3. @aaronwt, just remember though, with the Tablo it’s OTA only, so a lot fewer channels and choices of shows to record from compared to a full blown cable sub. Most of your cable shows will now come from streaming on your Roku, etc. that’s also hosting the Tablo app.

  4. I can deal with Tablo’s pricing and drive cap. What held me back is how you enroll client devices – they must be present on your home LAN at some point. Can’t bring my work computer home. Nor should all my friends or family have to swing by my house to register their mobiles if I want to show them something, watch with them, etc. On the flip side, TiVo’s product with built-in streaming doesn’t support OTA and even with a Stream you’re limited in what you can do due to fear of CableLabs despite OTA not being under their jurisdiction. It’s really such a shame that Aereo was killed.

  5. @Dave if you would just overnight your computer to me, we could have this solved in a few days. :-P

    Agree that remote access should be easier to setup, and not just automatically from the local network. Simple.TV shows promise with their guest access, but the quality is questionable still.

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