Aereo Now Streaming To Chromecast

Aereo Chromecast

Still waiting on a potentially fateful ruling from the Supreme Court, Aereo today announced Chromecast support for its Android app. That means that users with the service can cast Aereo video from an Android mobile device direct to an HD television via Google’s popular HDMI streaming stick. Aereo already works with Roku and Apple TV, but Chromecast is a super-cheap option for making your dumb TV smart enough to handle Internet video.

Direct from Aereo:

Aereo is now live on the Google Chromecast™ platform. The Aereo app for Android™ is available for download in the Google Play™ store. Subscribers can access Aereo’s antenna and DVR technology to record and watch live broadcast television using Google’s Chromecast™.

The Aereo news comes on the heels of another recent announcement of Chromecast support for WatchESPN. That earlier update has me considering whether or not to invest in upgrading my Roku. I had planned on it, but now with Chromecast compatibility, I don’t see a compelling reason to spend the money.

3 thoughts on “Aereo Now Streaming To Chromecast”

  1. Still no DC offering… At this point, maybe they’ll wait for the Supreme Court before lighting up additional regions?

  2. Good news of course, but what about iPhone support? I’m aware that AirPlay to an Apple TV is possible, but even though I have an Apple TV and an iPhone I’d honestly rather use the ChromeCast, largely due to the HDMI-CEC auto-input switching… and the fact that I can do whatever I want with my phone once I hand the service off…

  3. They stopped dead with lighting up new areas several months ago. I’m in one of the cities that was supposed to get service in the fall. I think all we do now is wait for that Supreme Court ruling.

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