Lyve Digital Photo Vault First Look

Adam Miarka —  May 21, 2014


With the amount of pictures that I take every year, making sure they are backed up and easily accessible is a primary concern of mine. In the past, I have been burned by losing all my digital photos from a drive crash. Once that happened, I vowed to never let it happen again. Now, at any given moment, my photos are backed up via a local NAS, Dropbox, Google Plus Photos, and Amazon Cloud. Prices have come down for online storage that it is actually affordable to store 80+ gigs up in that beautiful cloud.


Lyve ($300) brings yet another solution to the mix. Think of it as a centralized place that sucks in all your photos from a mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc. You can even just pop in an SD card or attach a USB drive and have it transfer photos directly to the device. On top of the centralization, Lyve also then presents your photos and videos in a streamlined view. All of this done within a small white box with a touchscreen interface. Safe to say, I was definitely interested in the product when it was announced.

Now Lyve has finally shipped. And we wanted to give a quick unboxing before a proper review. Stay tuned for our impressions!

2 responses to Lyve Digital Photo Vault First Look

  1. Hey Adam,

    Sounds interesting BUT … can it handle photos from Eye-Fi SD cards in real cameras? Meaning, without pulling the SD card out of the camera? Can what support for cloud backup of the photos it is holding does it offer?

  2. You are able to slide and SD card into the side and have it automatically suck in the pictures. Same with a USB thumb drive or hard drive. Just finished importing over 20k pictures from a hard drive.

    Right now there are not cloud backup offerings to get stuff out of the device. No integration with Dropbox or Google Photos, things like that. It’s trying to be the center of all your pictures. I would like to see some kind of offloading as right now if the things crashes, all your pictures go poof too.