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Google Chromecast apps

Google announced a slate of new apps for Chromecast last week, but as most were less than compelling, it’s time to speculate on what else might be in the pipeline. According to Janko Roettgers over at GigaOM, Google plans to launch further “waves of Chromecast apps” in the near future. Here are a few guesses as to what they’ll be.

Mari’s Purely Speculative Chromecast App List

First up, Aereo! The little streaming-start-up-that-could is reportedly making a profit in some markets, and CEO Chet Kanojia has said publicly that Chromecast support is on the way. Given the limited reach of Aereo, Chromecast integration isn’t likely to be on anyone’s make-or-break list. But with Aereo already available on Roku and Apple TV (via Airplay), Google’s streaming stick would be a natural platform extension.

Second app: Time Warner Cable. TWC COO (soon to be CEO) Rob Marcus said last week that the company is getting ready to launch its TV app on a new IP video device. Marcus could easily have been referring to the Apple TV with his statement, but it’s not unreasonable to think Chromecast could be on the horizon too. Time Warner has been remarkably progressive about getting its app out to as many platforms as possible. Given Google’s success with Chromecast, a new TWC app released just before Christmas would be well-timed for the many Americans sure to unwrap Google’s stocking stuffer this year.

Third and finally, I’m betting on ESPN. I’ve heard nothing at all to support this theory, but the sports network is typically quick to adopt new technologies. It also has some of the most coveted online video available through its WatchESPN app. And while ESPN has been highly focused on iOS development of late, Chromecast could be just the success it needs to make a bigger push on the Android operating system.

Anything else I’d like to see? Better support for local media sharing, or course. But all in due time.

14 thoughts on “Apps Up Next for Chromecast”

  1. WatchESPN would be a pretty good get for Chromecast, and it would probably be a package deal with Watch Disney Channel, as it was on Apple TV and Roku. I doubt we’ll see these by Xmas, though.

    Also, the lack of Amazon Prime support continues to be a bummer and continues to be the reason I end up using Roku over Chromecast, except sometimes for YouTube.

    What I would REALLY like to see is Google striking some sort of deal with the networks and offering access to a package of TV Everywhere apps that could replace a cable subscription. Of course, getting the networks to agree to that must be harder than getting Eli Manning to stop throwing to the other team…

  2. I just want access to my 500 Ultraviolet movies don’t really care if Vudu, Target Ticket, Flixster or M-Go are the first to embrace Chromecast but please one of you get on it.

  3. Rich W, the RealPlayer Cloud can stream videos on your local network to the chromecast, but not sure about doing it straight from the mobile device.

  4. You can stream local media using Avia and I think Plex too however both are a paid app to do so. I use Avia and I like it so far. Hopefully Google blesses Allcast and will allow it to stream once again.
    The two apps I am dying for would be UltraViolet (or partner) and Amazon Video. Being that Amazon has their stuff on SmartTVs and Roku, you would think they would have put an app on the play store for everyone, not just those people who buy a Kindle Fire.

  5. Plex for Chromecast is unfortunately PlexPass only for now. How long is impossible to say; could be next week or six months– it took that long for Plex Home Theater for linux to escape the the PlexPass-only walled garden.

  6. Android 4.4.1 will apparently add screen mirroring.

    Flixster reps have hinted support is coming.

    Photos from Google cloud would seem an obvious add.

    No hints I’ve seen about Amazon Prime or Vudu though.

  7. Chromecast does not turn off so it gets really hot but it’s a great product. it loses sync with device and Chromecast forcing you to disconnect manually from the back

  8. Why the hell would I want to stream a Time Warner Cable or ESPN app from my phont/table to my TV? First, in order to use those services, I would first have to pay for cable. If I have cable, why the f–k would I need the ability to stream to my TV from my phone? Worthless

  9. Jason, look to see if your TV has a USB port. If it does, it’s likely power over USB. Then, you’re Chromcast turn off with your TV.

  10. Aereo is on my make or break list. I use Aereo all the time on my Moto X phone and on my PC, but we’d love to watch it on our TV too. If they finish the Aereo Chromecast app soon I’ll buy a Chromecast, but if they finish they Kindle Fire, PS3, or Wii U apps first then I won’t have to buy a Chromecast.

  11. @KingofHearts The WatchESPN app contains content not found on the cable network, that’s why (i.e. live games from ESPN3 which I’d much rather watch on my TV than my computer or via some workaround).

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