Popcornflix Catalog Comes to Sony Devices

Mari Silbey —  March 18, 2013

PopcornFlix on Sony

The free, ad-supported Popcornflix movie service is coming to Sony’s connected Bravia TVs and Blu-ray devices. Already available on Roku and Boxee, Popcornflix draws from the movie catalog of its parent company Screen Media Ventures. This is no Netflix alternative, and you won’t find recent movie hits available for free. However, Popcornflix reportedly has a library of more than 650 films, and it’s adding more each month. The service was already available on both Roku and Boxee boxes.
Although I admit my tastes are probably too mainstream for most of the movies on Popcornflix (or at least I don’t have the mental energy to search for something I’d like), I do find it interesting to see a content company pursuing direct distribution. This isn’t necessarily a viable solution for many studios who have other types of revenue models in place, but it does suggest that there is a level at which direct distribution works beyond one-off productions like the upcoming Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie. Last June GigaOM reported that Popcornflix was behind only the big guys like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix in number of Roku downloads. The fact that distribution is expanding suggests the revenue stream is worthwhile.

Related- Remember when Sony was considering its own virtual MSO last year? It looks like the company is hoping to add to its content stores in other ways now.

And one final odd note: there’s no mention of Popcornflix heading to the PlayStation 3. Am I missing something, or does that seem like an obvious one?

One response to Popcornflix Catalog Comes to Sony Devices

  1. “Last June GigaOM reported that Popcornflix was behind only the big guys like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix in number of Roku downloads.”

    Huh. I did not know that. And I now eagerly await your comparative review / market positioning overview of Popcornflix vs Crackle.

    In the meantime, I’ve immediately chucked my Roku and Samsung HDTV in the trash, and ordered a Bravia. May not seem cost-efficient at first glance, but the benefits of freeing up an outlet are priceless.