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RCN TiVo DVRs Receive AOL On & New Games

While we missed out on timely TiVo Premiere Fall Update coverage, the fact that TiVo platforms are not updated in lockstep gives us an opportunity to circle back as RCN TiVo Premieres have just received AOL On and some new casual games… as the cable provider had requested. The four new games (displayed above, without icons) are powered via TiVo’s relationship with Accendo and, other than Blackjack, are available on TiVo Premiere hardware and the forthcoming TiVo Mini. (Blackjack is TiVo Premiere/S4 only, for whatever reason.) AOL On is a rich app of web video, from all over the place, including our pals at Engadget. And it’s definitely worth checking out – by both RCN and retail TiVo customers. The core 20.2 software experience has been available to both RCN and retail TiVo Premiere subscribers for awhile now, with the highlight being the completion of an HDUI Season Pass Manager… 2.5 years after release.

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  • Dear TiVo (and Roku),
    I have little interest in playing casual games on your under-powered hardware. Please stick to your core competency.

  • Ha, there is that... ;) I guess I've had these games available to me a few months yet I've never opened them. Not even today for coverage purposes.

  • Maybe TiVo should consider completing it's HD user interface. Three years....tick....tick.....tick.....

    What an embarrassment

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