Sirius XM 2.0 Comes To iOS

The promised SiriusXM 2.0 experience looks to have arrived. At least on iOS platforms, such as my iPhone. While the satellite radio provider has always provided access to a broad range of programming, they’re now delivering the sort of end-user control typically provided by online streaming services like Pandora or Slacker. SiriusXM’s first cut is also online, versus the airwaves, but¬†rumor has it¬†upcoming automotive radio hardware will be similaly equipped – leveraging Internet connections via car or cellphone in some way. And it’s these types of digital features that extend their competitive edge (for a fee) over traditional terrestrial radio.

Regarding the features themselves, as you can see above, “Start Now” is the headliner which allows you to join a radio show in progress… yet listen from the beginning. Likewise, “TuneStart” means you’ll join a Channel mid-song. Perhaps most compelling are the new abilities to pause programming and skip tracks, both backwards and forwards. Although, there does appear to be a limit of skips per channel within a given time frame.

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  1. I have given SiriusXM a lot of crap over the years, but they have hit a homerun here with this app!

    Now if they had some of the Clear Channel Talk Channels such as ExtremeXM it would be the most amazing radio app out there.

  2. As expected (?) it doesn’t work for me. Every year I call them up and tell them I want to cancel and every year they offer me a lower rate to keep me as a customer. Can’t remember what I’m paying now, something less than the previous $6.95/mo? Anyway, it just says I’m typing in the wrong userid or password rather than telling me I don’t have access. Which caused me to spend a bunch of time trying to resolve that in case that was it. Which I’m pretty sure at this point it isn’t.

    Anyway, what I would say to people is that this costs money. You may not think so because you’re just paying the standard XM price, but in reality there are lower prices available that don’t include this.

  3. Glenn, true… unless you’ve been a long term subscriber with no lapses in service, online access is an add-on. As I constantly flip services on and off, I lost my grandfathering and the last two years have paid ($36/yr?) for online access. The new track skipping pretty much closes the Slacker gap (although Slacker probably has a slightly broader catalog, with deeper tracks.) With that in mind, wonder if XM will do a reasonably priced online-only subscription at some point? The lines are blurring.

  4. Ditto to Scott. The leap in improvement here is impressive. You can customize settings so that on a music channel you can go right to the beginning of the current song for example.

    On the limit to pause/rewind – it’s there. However, you can just change the channel, go back, and you’ve reset your limit again.

    Would love to see the ability to record talk/Stern channels. I’m sure the music channels wouldn’t be allowed by the labels.

    The next big leap they need to make is not only in hardware but the web player interface. One of the worst I’ve ever used in terms of usability.

    Finally – a tech improvement from SiriusXM!

  5. I just hope they keep making small improvements to the app instead of making people wait years between versions…But this is a great change!

  6. The only thing that sucks about this app is after 2 hours it will just halt playing music right in the middle of a song. There is a nag message that comes up saying it’s due to inactivity, continue or quit.

    It’s one thing if this was a free service, but I pay an additional $2.99 a month fee for this. It’s my understanding if you PAY for this feature it should be delivered uninterrupted – just like Pandora.

    I’m working on trying to get some kind of compensation or deal from Sirius out of this because I am literally disgusted at them for this. I have no problem switching to Pandora, rdio, slacker premium or some other service.

  7. FYI SiriusXM streaming radio is going up to $3.50 a month in 2012. At the end of the year, that cost more than Pandora One subscription.

    I dropped it. Between the price hike and the fact that the app stops playing (regardless if it’s the middle of a song) after 90 minutes, they can take their app and shove it where the sun don’t shine. At least Pandora WAITS for the song to be finished before shutting down… and Pandora One lifts the time limit to like 4 hours (maybe more) between “I’m still listening” prompts.

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