New Xfinity TV Guide Brings AnyRoom DVR to Cisco Boxes

Mari Silbey —  November 23, 2011

Comcast Xfinity Barcelona Guide with AnyRoom DVR

Comcast has a new TV guide in the works, and it’s reportedly headed to Cisco set-tops this year and into 2012. Online personality cypherstream (who always seems to have the inside scoop at Comcast) pointed out a new web page yesterday on the Xfinity site. The page details features of the new guide, including the ability to control DVR place-shifting in the home, a feature Comcast calls AnyRoom DVR. After scouting out the page, I was able to confirm with my own source that the “Barcelona” guide is scheduled to roll out to Comcast subscribers with Cisco set-tops in the near future, followed by subscribers with Motorola set-tops at a later date.

Since Motorola set-tops are usually the first ones to get updates in Comcast land, I wondered briefly why the operator decided to switch things up this time around. But the answer seems obvious after a moment. Motorola set-tops got the update to the A28 guide in 2010, and Comcast started introducing AnyRoom DVR via the A28 guide last summer. In contrast, Cisco boxes have been stuck with the A25 guide for some time now, and no multi-room DVR service. The Barcelona guide brings Cisco boxes up to par, not only with AnyRoom DVR, but also with an HD interface, a filter for watching HD-only shows, and integrated search combining linear TV and VOD listings.

Of course, the Barcelona guide still doesn’t compare to the promise of the IP-based Xcalibur guide. But most of the country still has to wait a while for that one.

One response to New Xfinity TV Guide Brings AnyRoom DVR to Cisco Boxes

  1. Told everyone, MSO’s are finally seeing the light and will be working on improving the on screen customer experience. Not only this but Xcaliber like you mentioned, but Cox has something up their sleeve and I’m not sure if it’s close to completion but Rovi Passport has an HD Version in the works as well.

    DirecTV’s improved, faster HD-UI is now slowly rolling out and I’m not sure but isn’t the Slingloaded HDUI coming to the new Dish Network XIP receivers?

    More and more reasons to stay in house with a platform that is “good enough” rather then spend money on third party alternatives (eh hem… Tivo … cough …)