Arris Says Bring Your Own App to the Moxi Gateway

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Some of us still mourn the days when Digeo could have launched a credible retail DVR product with its Moxi box, but at least the technology hasn’t gone away. After Arris’ acquisition of Digeo in late 2009, we finally saw the deal bear fruit earlier this year when the company rolled out its Moxi set-tops with Shaw in Canada and BendBroadband in Oregon. Now, product manager Paul Palermo says there’s more in store for the re-branded Moxi Whole Home Solution. Arris will soon make an SDK available so that cable operators can take advantage of the Moxi Gateway’s IP connectivity to deliver their own apps to the TV. In the near future, Palermo says that there will be web browser capabilities in the gateway as well, though whether operators choose to use them is another question entirely.

Lots of cable operators are creating their own apps these days, so it’s no real surprise that hardware suppliers are trying to facilitate the jump from tablets and smartphones to the TV. Initially, though, the cable operators using the Moxi solution are only marketing it as a whole-home DVR. That’s a relatively easy sell for subscribers, who now know what whole-home DVR is, and why they should want it.

Meanwhile, Arris also has the Moxi UI going for it. Cable companies can brand the guide at will, but the interface is recognizable from the Digeo days. Big cablecos will still build their own EPGs of course, but smaller ones are generally happy to let someone else do the heavy lifting. Check out the photos below (shot on site at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo) to see some shiny new updates to pics of the Moxi guide.

8 thoughts on “Arris Says Bring Your Own App to the Moxi Gateway”

  1. Any word from the Moxi guys if they are going to release their 6 tuner digital only DVR and Moxi mates to the public? It seems like Arris is still putting a lot of effort into this product.

  2. Jason- Awesome news for Buckeye subs.

    Anthony- Given the difficulty Digeo had, I’d be surprised.

    Glenn- What could go wrong?

    VisionOn- I was under the impression the UI had seen at least a bit of a refresh, if nothing dramatic. I’ve now crossed out that assumption in the post. My bad.

  3. Retail owners have been waiting for a UI update for well over a year now and looking at the Gateway version it doesn’t seem to have added anything significantly different apart from a few new options in the main menu.

  4. I’m surprised more operators don’t offer this as an option. It’s an easy way out for them. They don’t have to worry with development or maint. on a software platform. Outsource it all to Arris while providing a much better end user experience compared to SARA or I-Guide.

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