Early BlackBerry PlayBook apps include Kobo, Netflix Queue Manager

Brad Linder —  February 2, 2011

Research in Motion has started adding third party apps for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to the BlackBerry App World store. While the PlayBook already has a lot going for it, including excellent multimedia and multitasking capabilities and security features for business users, the quality and selection of third party apps will be key in determining whether RIM’s tablet can compete with the Apple iPad and the gazillion Android tablets coming to market this year.

The folks at PlayBook Daily have been keeping tabs on some of the new apps for the platform. That includes a rather nice looking Kobo eBook app, a simple text editor called BluePad, a unit converter, and a queue manager for Netflix. There’s still no official Netflix app for the PlayBook, which means that you probably won’t be able to stream Netflix video to the tablet yet, but the third party queue manager is one of the nicest looking third party apps I’ve seen so far. To be honest, some of the other apps look a bit underwhelming, but the platform is still very young.

Other apps include a math flashcard gameGolf Quiz, a personal finance app, and a Bingo game.

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3 responses to Early BlackBerry PlayBook apps include Kobo, Netflix Queue Manager

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words on the Netflix Queue Manager App, glad you like it. We will continue to improve the UI and add features. Feedback is always welcomed!


  2. Speaking for myself, I am over the Que Managers. When will we see a Netflix app for Blackberry that allows online streaming of movies?

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