LTE Comes to Town

We already knew there would be a big focus on LTE at CES this year, but I guess I wasn’t convinced that there would be a lot to show on the nascent 4G network. Color me surprised to see not only new handsets leaking out, but a Healthcare Access Terminal, an LTE-based app for digital jukeboxes, a new 4G home automation system, and more. Verizon buddy John Czwartacki (@CZ) also tweeted a pic today of an LTE-enabled car (above), and there’s clearly a lot more planned for the Verizon press conference tomorrow, and the massive Verizon booth on the show floor.

Meanwhile, AT&T’s not letting Verizon have all the fun. In addition to its earlier announcement on new technology for connecting U-verse TV to mobile devices, the telco giant has also said it will begin deploying its own LTE network by the middle of this year. It claims it will have 20 LTE devices by year’s end.

2 thoughts on “LTE Comes to Town”

  1. wonder what vzw will be announcing at the press conference? a little birdie gave me an idea ;) and it will be huge!

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