Motorola acquires ZumoCast maker Zector

Motorola has acquired a company called Zector, which is behind the ZumoDrive online storage service and the ZumoCast software which allows users to stream media over the web from a personal computer to a mobile device.

Motorola says it plans to use Zector’s technology to “enhance Motorola Mobility’s mobile content experience and MOTOBLUR service.” In other words, you can expect media synchronization and streaming services to be baked into future versions of the MOTOBLUR software, which Motorola uses on many of its Android powered handsets.

That’s pretty good news for anyone using a Motorola Droid smartphone or possibly the company’supcoming Android tablet. It might be less good news for prospective ZumoCast users who don’thave Motorola products. While the company will currently continue to support existing ZumoCast users, Motorola is suspending distribution of the software, which means no new users can sign up right now… It’s not clear whether Motorola will continue to offer ZumoCast as a free download for non-Motorola devices in the future, although the press release only says that the distribution is on hold “while enhancements are made.”

No changes are currently planned for the ZumoDrive service.

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1 thought on “Motorola acquires ZumoCast maker Zector”

  1. Today Zumocast has show they may not continue their service to non motorola users by not renewing their SSL certificate on, with this issue no user who has the server application and the apple store app can connect to their own computer.

    Motorola are keeping very quite about this at the moment and will prorbably come out later with it’s reasons for no renewing it’s SSL certificate.

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