First Impressions: Xfinity App for Android

If you’re an Android user and have been dying to try out the new Xfinity app, you’re wait is over. Comcast released the app for the Android platform this week, complete with email inbox, digital voice account access, TV listings, on-demand menus, and access to your myDVR Manager app.

The new Android implementation is solid, and a good way to get a handle on all of your Comcastic services, particularly if you’re a triple-play subscriber. I don’t have digital voice service, so I can’t evaluate that component, but if you use the SmartZone software Comcast already offers online, it doesn’t look like the set-up here is much different, and Will Richmond over at Video Nuze has good things to say about how voicemail and email are integrated.

Email should also look very familiar to any subscribers who have used Comcast webmail. The Xfinity app adds in an alert icon that shows up as an envelope with a glowing red aura whenever a new message comes in. I can’t decide if it’s cool or annoying, but in any case, it’s easy to switch on or off in the settings menu.

The TV and on-demand listings are the best part of the app. While the iPad version is great at home, having access to TV info on the phone I always have with me is more practical. The interface lets you scroll through content chronologically or by category (including HD), and the integration with the MyDVR app is actually tighter than it is on the iPad. (There’s no exiting to a browser.) The on-demand section has several TV and movie clips, so if you’re bored, there’s always a short snippet to watch of whatever Comcast is highlighting in VOD. Hopefully Comcast will also make good in the near future on adding full-length videos to its mobile apps.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Xfinity App for Android”

  1. As far as I can tell, it doesnt allow you to change channels like iphone app. Also I cant get my dvr2 to program

  2. Since I use TiVo, the dvr functions are useless to me. I get any Comcast email I get forwarded to my Gmail, so that part isn’t necessary for me. I don’t have digital voice, so again no use for me. So all I get are video snippets.

    When they implement VOD early next year, hopefully, then I’ll be happy.

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