Star Wars iOS Game Merges Space Shooter with AR

Vertigore plans to release a new Star Wars game for the iPhone and iPod touch before the end of the year which features an awesome looking augmented reality mode. Basically, you flip on AR, and instead of playing against a fictional space backdrop, Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner will let you blast TIE fighters flying across real world environments.

Really, the app just replaces the background with whatever your camera is pointing at. It’s not quite rocket science, since as far as I can tell the game doesn’t’ actually react to your environment in any real way. But it looks cool as all get-out.

You can also play the game using more traditional space scenery. Vertigore says Falcon Gunner will have 20 levels and HD graphics. It’s due out this Winter.

This post republished from Mobiputing.

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  1. I dunno Dave, I could enjoy taking pot shots at the neighbour’s minivans and especially, the annoying kid down the block with that tricycle.

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