Rhapsody 2.0 for Android Brings Offline Playback

Rhapsody has launched an updated version of its subscription music app for Google Android. The biggest change is that Rhapsody 2.0 now supports offline playback of playlists. You can download playlists and listen when you don’t have an internet connection handy — although Rhapsody is still in the subscription/streaming music business, not the pay per download business. If you stop paying, the music stops playing.

Other changes in Rhapsody 2.0 include:

  • Refreshed user interface
  • High resolution album art when available
  • New “search artist stations” option on artist screens
  • New toolbar with download and other options on the playlist screen
  • New settings options for offline playback
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Rhapsody 2.0 is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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1 thought on “Rhapsody 2.0 for Android Brings Offline Playback”

  1. So far I’m loving it (was a beta tester). I only have a few complaints:

    Don’t like the black on white skin – want white on black back.
    When calling up an album, wish it would jump straight to the track listing.
    Wish I could sort an artist’s albums by release date/reverseRD.
    Need for the “Force offline mode” to be easier to find. At this point it is buried in the list while “show splash screen” is easy to find. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see the spash screen when launching the app.

    So far this version is WAY more enjoyable than the stuttering/crashy iPhone app was as of mid-summer.

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