Deal of the Day: TiVo Slide @ $65

As nice as the TiVo Slide Bluetooth QWERTY remote is, the list price of $90 seems to be off-putting for many. Fortunately, various retailers are periodically offering it at more reasonable rates. Thanks to the TiVo Community, I learned that the Slide is currently available via Tiger’s ebay presence today – along with free shipping. So I placed an order. And, through some sort of psychological blinders, paying with PayPal funds doesn’t really feel like using real money. If you’re not into the ebay/PayPal thing, Amazon has a variety of listings that start at just a bit more.

11 thoughts on “Deal of the Day: TiVo Slide @ $65”

  1. I forgot to mention why I wanted it… Melissa and I each have our own TiVo remotes on our own nightstands. Well her classic remote died. We obviously need a replacement, because I don’t share well.

    Besides being the latest and greatest, the Slide also overcomes an issue with our living room TiVo — the plasma display interferes with the remote IR somehow, but during testing the Bluetooth remote worked very well. So the Slide will go in the living room (S3) and the Glo will be relocated to the bedroom (Premiere).

  2. Also electronics-expo with the various coupon codes out there some of which are listed in the TiVo Community forum comes out to a $1 more which includes shipping in case Tigerdirect runs out.

  3. Yes, the S3 and THD have been updated to work with the remote and because it’s Bluetooth you don’t need line of site. But they also provide a USB extension cable for the BT dongle in case you have interference and want to move it to the front of your TiVo or cabinet.

    I hit Electronics Expo before making the Tiger purchase, but the site was down. I see it’s back up again. Although they’re out of stock online of Premiere hardware – which is what I was contemplating using that coupon for.

    Original ebay listing is dead, sold out. But here’s 10 more remotes:

  4. You just have to keep checking electronics-expo. They come and go in and out of stock. XLs for example were back in stock for a few minutes then gone again.

  5. Well, of course just noticed this and the listing has expired. However, Amazon is selling them for $72.99 now, which is still a nice price drop. Just ordered one.

  6. FYI, you can buy it for $60+S/H at Electronics-Expo right now using 40% off code BIGBEN. I got TiVo XL from EE for $287 shipped using that code, but decided to skip the remote for now.

  7. Yeah, I should have ordered through Amazon or Electronics Expo. Haven’t heard a peep from Tiger since they took payment 10/1. Hopefully the remote shows one of these days.

  8. As a follow up… one week after I thought I purchased an in-stock item, Tiger emailed me saying they don’t have inventory. How can you even list items on ebay that you don’t have stock of? Sketchy. I called and canceled. Then again these are the same guys my buddy bought a hard drive from that Seagate or WD (forget which) wouldn’t service since they said the SN was from a stolen batch.

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