Time Warner and Disney Ink Deal in Time for the NFL Season

With the NFL season right around the corner, and the college football season already underway, it’s about time Time Warner Cable and the Disney company finished their epic negotiations over retransmission rights. Luckily, the news is all good for Time Warner (and Bright House Networks) subscribers. First off, ESPN is premiering a new ESPN Goal Line weekly channel to show off college game highlights, and TWC and Bright House have the exclusive rights to broadcast it. Presumably the exclusivity was a pot-sweetner, and time-limited. Here’s hoping the other operators get in on the deal soon.

Secondly, TWC and Bright House are getting on board with ESPN3, the online ESPN network that consumers can only get if their service provider signs up. And the Internet goodness doesn’t stop there. There’s also word that TWC and Bright House will be allowed to distribute ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU over the interwebs. The “TV Everywhere” service is promised not only for PCs, but also for mobile devices, with hints that the iPad will be on that list. Worried about late Mondays at the office? Just take your iPad with you, and you’ll be all set for Monday Night Football.

Of course, if that’ s not enough football for you, you can always go the Sunday Ticket To-Go route. (Not limited to DirecTV television service subscribers anymore) Who knew we’d have so many football choices this season?

4 thoughts on “Time Warner and Disney Ink Deal in Time for the NFL Season”

  1. It almost makes one wish they were a TWC customer… almost.

    Kidding aside, the Goal Line and Buzzer Beater channels sound really great. And continuing the ongoing cord-cutting conversation, does the live streaming of the ESPNs now give a sports fan the option to ditch cable TV?

  2. You still have to be a cable subscriber to get the live ESPN streaming. The DirecTV/NFL news is the most interesting, and we’ll have to see how that plays out. Including how many people fork over the $350.

  3. Any idea when ESPN3 is going to be available for TWC customers? I’m in Los Angeles and it’s still a no-go.

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