RadioTime Launches TuneIn Radio App for Android

RadioTime is an online resource for finding and listening to internet radio streams. You can do that through the RadioTime web site, using a web-based audio player. But RadioTime first came to my attention years ago because the company offered an excellent plugin for Windows Media Center which allowed you to access internet radio from a media PC using a remote control instead of a mouse and keyboard. RadioTime also has an app for Boxee, a cross-platform media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Now the company has launched a mobile app called TuneIn Radio, which brings the magic of RadioTime to Google Android. You don’t need a RadioTime account to use the free TuneIn Radio App. You can just search for radio stations by genre or location — one of RadioTime’s coolest features is that it can detect your location and find internet streams for local stations. You can also search for stations by location manually. Read the rest of this entry »

2 thoughts on “RadioTime Launches TuneIn Radio App for Android”

  1. They already had it in the android market. It was called radiotime, cost $2.00 and had no ads. Wish I would have waited for ad version but oh well.

  2. RadioTime app has been in the android market for a long time but it wasn’t free. It seems the Ads are removed from tunein now so I wonder why they have two apps which are almost identical. Comments in the android market suggest that radiotime app isn’t being developed anymore and to use tunein instead. This is rather confusing.

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