Muziic Streams Songs from YouTube to Android

Muziic is a music-on-demand app, but unlike services from GroovesharkMog, and most other mainstream music apps, Muziic doesn’t maintain its own music servers. Instead Muziic grabs audio from YouTube.

Here’s how it works. You enter an artist name or song title and Muziic searches YouTube. You can then either add the track to your playlist or tap the title to start playing the song. A new window opens with a still image from the YouTube video and the song will start to play. You can skip tracks or view progress on a timeline, but I didn’t find an easy way to fast forward or rewind within a song.

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1 thought on “Muziic Streams Songs from YouTube to Android”

  1. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    Not sure I like the App though. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but there is a long way. I can’t wait for others like to go into the Android market as well, so they can put some pressure on them, to make a better app.

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