Video: Verizon Shows Off TV on the iPad

Not to be outdone by the others making iPad noise, Verizon today demonstrated a new app for viewing FiOS TV on Apple’s tablet. The app isn’t available yet, but long-time telecom reporter Steve Donohue shot video at the Verizon press conference. The demo shows a mosaic of TV channels that stream live video when clicked. There are also references to location-based apps that show “what’s hot” in your area.

As several people have pointed out, Verizon does have some kinks to work out with its upcoming iPad app. First, it’s got some content licensing issues to deal with. (That’s never hard.) And second, the initial version of the app will only work within your house. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh? Ah well, there’s always version 2.0.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Verizon Shows Off TV on the iPad”

  1. If time permits and my source is willing, I may be able to dig up some additional details. Stay tuned. (In-home-only viewing isn’t a total deal-breaker. I’ve been thinking the iPad in a stand might be the perfect kitchen television – with benefits.)

  2. To me, it’s an ideal way to follow two football games at once. Put your main game on the big screen, and have another game going on the iPad, no more channel flipping.

  3. Not to mention… Verizon has the RedZone channel. Put that on one and your primary game on the other. Nice! (We’ll see what the licensing allows. And if there are additional fees.)

  4. what’s so special bout this? if I’m at home I’m watching on my 50″ not a 10″ ipad.

    Also the new 16×9 guide isn’t up to the expectation I had for a brand new HD guide. nothing takes advantage of the hi res. plus the light background with the light and dark blue is tiring on the eyes for sum reason. why not different DARK contrasting colors which project so well on hdtvs?

  5. So I’ve learned more if the iPad plans and the IMG 1.9 update. I’ll hit the DVR OS update in the AM. But, regarding iPad licensing, Verizon position and plan seems reasonable and hopefully industry plays along. Although, it could still take a year or so to shake out favorably. If it does.

    The first iteration of the iPad app this fall will sort of be pay-per-view content, like an Amazon Unbox: TV episodes and movies. So, not super compelling. BUT the ultimate plan is to get the networks, premium first, in line to enable in-home live broadcasts. Verizon’s position is that as long as they protect the content and limit it to in-home viewing (at first), this service/node is really no different than a set-top attached to a television in terms of licensing. It sounds good, but we’ll see how it plays out.

    An interesting part of the equation is a re-working of how/where Nielsen calculates viewership, including online, beginning early next year. This could very positively impact advertising which still drives the US television ecosystem.

  6. So…what about a similar app for my PC or Mac so I can watch the full FiOS lineup without a cable box or needing to bother with a CableCard solution?

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