Amazon Kindle App for Android Now Available

Amazon launched a new Kindle app for Android devices today. The  app will let you find, purchase, download, and read digital books on your mobile device.

The mobile app synchronizes your last read pages, bookmarks, and annotations with other devices linked to your account. So if you have a physical Kindle eBook reader, an iPod touch or iPad with the Kindle app, and an Android phone, you can start reading a book on one device, put it down and pick up reading where you left off on another. But it doesn’t look like the new audio and video capabilities that Amazon added to the iOS app today are available in the Android version. Read the rest of this entry »

2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle App for Android Now Available”

  1. That’s right. Nook is Android powered so naturally, this might lend itself to being ported on there as well.

    From the reviews I’ve seen, the Android version is missing a few features, most glaringly the audio/video is missing. Just comes as odd seeing as how they released a new iPhone/iPad Kindle yesterady and that’s all everyone could talk about.

    Android users might not be too happy with that. Nobody enjoys being treated like a second class citizen. Keeping it short. More of my thoughts at my blog post about this:

  2. Nice to be able to get a cheap android tablet, and install this app on it – cheaper color Kindle that way –

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