Get Your Golf On… In 3D Of Course

I’m still reveling in last night’s glorious NCAA tourney championship game, but for those with an interest in The Masters and Tiger’s upcoming return to golf, there are now multiple ways to get the experience in 3D. Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, and Shaw in Canada (plus two unnamed European operators) have all nabbed distribution deals with the Augusta National Golf Club. Coverage varies, however. Comcast, for instance, will offer live 3D broadcasts for a couple of hours each day during the tournament, while Time Warner is relying on VOD. Of course, who is delivering what and when is a moot point for most, unless you’re one of the very few with a 3D set today. (More details here from Comcast on gear requirements)

For the rest of us, there are some public showings of the 3D event planned. Time Warner will have viewing parties at the Time Warner Center in NYC, and at golf courses in San Diego and Charlotte. Meanwhile, Sony Style stores in the Comcast footprint will also be showing off their 3D capabilities, which means I should be able to see some action at my local mall. And Cox is also listing several retail spots in its coverage areas with demos planned.

Want to watch the 3D Masters online? It’s not coming through ESPN3 (formerly ESPN360). However, supposedly you’ll be able access a 3D stream at No details yet, but you’ll need a 3D-capable computer. Yeah, most of us don’t have that either.

6 thoughts on “Get Your Golf On… In 3D Of Course”

  1. All these one-off 3D events are nice, but I’m really disappointed by the fact that only DirecTV is picking up 3D ball and running with it. I believe, they plan on having four 3D channels in May-June and Comcast _may_ have ESPN 3D.

    P.S. I suppose, I’m bitter because I’d love the chance to set-up whole-house system with Ceton’s tuners :)

  2. Comcast has an event in DC tomorrow afternoon to coincide with The Masters. If I can break away from work, I’m going. And will try to find out their plans/timing.

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