Android SlingPlayer On Tap This Summer

Sling Media is developing an Android version of its SlingPlayer mobile software that will let you stream live video from your home theater to your Android phone. Sling already offers SlingPlayer clients for Windows Mobile, PalmOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and the iPhone for about $30 each. While Sling hasn’t announced Android client pricing, it seems safe to assume it will run about the same  when launched this summer. In order to stream TV using the SlingPlayer, you need a Slingbox,  that you plug into your home theater components. For instance, if you want to be able to stream media stored on your DVR, you can connect your DVR, allowing you to watch live or pre-recorded programs, pause, play, as well as play, pause, fast forward, or rewind. Check out a video of an early version of the application up top, courtesy of Android and Me.

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2 thoughts on “Android SlingPlayer On Tap This Summer”

  1. I’ve been hoping they would announce an Android client. I couldn’t pull the trigger until I knew for sure. I’m on a WinMo device now and WM7 has disappointed me (no multitasking, C&P, or side loading? Really?), so I’ve been looking around. I don’t like the Apple “walled garden” approach (iTunes sucks big time on Windows) and the Palm hardware is need of an upgrade. So Android seemed like my best bet. Now it is.


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