Pre-CES Data Backup with Clickfree

Clickfree C2 data back-up

Since we all know by now that I don’t have the best track record in personal data recovery, I’ve decided to kick myself into gear in 2010 and test out a few different backup technologies. First in line, the Clickfree C2.

I acquired a Clickfree Transformer Cable last year at CES, and true to its word, the pretty purple cable automated everything after I plugged it in to my computer and my external hard drive.  I’ve decided, however, that I prefer an all-in-one solution like the Seagate Replica, and so I’ve now moved on to the Clickfree C2. Determined to have all my data backed up before heading to Vegas, I hooked up the Clickfree C2 a few days ago and ran it through its paces.

Getting started was a little rocky. Windows made me reboot after “installing” the new hardware, and powering on again with the Clickfree C2 still plugged in brought up an error message. Once I unplugged, restarted, and plugged back in again, though, everything went swimmingly. Full-backup (only about 7 GB) took a scant few minutes, and I didn’t have to touch a thing. More importantly, the restore options turned out to be both simple and highly flexible. Under the advanced restore menu, you can restore everything back to its original location, or select individual files and manually set their destinations. Very useful.

Meanwhile, the Clickfree C2 hardware itself is a cute little box with a bendy USB connector attached. It’s available at retail for $139.99 or $189.99 for the 250 GB and 500 GB versions respectively. Or you can pick one up for free from ZNF when we give away the review unit in a few weeks. Sorry, my data not included. I’ll be wiping the drive once I return from Vegas.

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