How Did I Do CES Without WiMAX?

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There are numerous logistical challenges at CES, from long walks, to long cab lines, to the general press of humanity waiting to see the gadgets and celebrities on display. However, one hurdle I have not had to clear (pun intended) this year, is a lack of connectivity. Every time I pull out my trusty Motorola WiMAX adapter, I get full signal, even in the bowels of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Yesterday I got a post up while waiting on an appointment outside the Samsung football field booth. Sure, I was the idiot kneeling on the ground in a skirt and typing away on my netbook, but I was productive!

The Clear folks, meanwhile, have had a decent presence at the show, and I got a brief look at a line-up of WiMAX-enabled laptops at Digital Experience the other night. Clearwire also announced this morning that it is launching a new 4G network… in Spain. (?!) It’s the company’s first 4G service deployment in Europe.

While my good friend Paul Kapustka managed to get a Clearwire loaner USB card for his Vegas trip, I’m surprised that Clear isn’t giving away gear and temporary service to press and bloggers to drum up a little WiMAX excitement. I can’t think of a better venue, particularly in light of the LTE news flowing this week.

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  1. I am glad CLEAR WiMAX is getting some good indirect press about it’s service from CES. Thanks for the testimonial. I have been evangelizing WiMAX in Atlanta since May ’09. I agree, CLEAR should have been throwing adapters at the press the whole week. The service usually sells itself. (when you can get a good strong signal).

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