Apple Tablet Rumors Hit Fever Pitch


I usually refrain from rumor-mongering, but Apple Tablet “coverage” has been so pervasive… and I love me some Photoshop. The last time we saw tech speculation reach this level of fever pitch was prior to the official iPhone announcement. And, while the pundits were correct that some sort of phone was coming, they got many of the details wrong. Which is why I’m not imagining features, absurdly predicting sales, blogging each and every Apple patent application, or debating screen size (maybe 7″, maybe 10″). However, based on the netbook phenomenon, the perceived success of Amazon’s Kindle, the imminent death of paper periodicals, and a variety of continual incoming ZNF Google searches, I will say there’s probably a market for a well-designed compact, color, back-lit multimedia device. I just hope it’s not called the iSlate. Jason Snell, editor of Macworld, does an excellent job channeling my feelings on the matter via Twitter:

Am I excited about the prospect of a larger touch device from Apple? You betcha. Once I see the specs and price I’ll decide if I want it. #

iBook would be a swell name for a future Apple tablet. #