Philly Gets the WiMAX Love

Clear WiMAX launch philadelphia 5

Philadelphia got its official Clearwire WiMAX launch yesterday with a celebration in the city’s Love Park. I say official because Clear’s 4G service has been available in the Philly metro area for just over a month now. I signed up with my own Motorola USB modem (filched, with permission, from my employer at a trade show), and the discount pricing on offer for the first six months of use. So far, it’s been a joy, even out in the western suburbs where I reside.

Along with the official Clear launch came news this week that Comcast is also starting to market WiMAX services in Philly through its relationship with Clearwire. However, while Comcast WiMAX market rollouts are very closely following Clearwire’s own, yesterday’s launch event appears to have been all in the signature green of the Clear brand. More lemon/lime pics below. Thanks, Derek!