The Comcast Video Wall Reloaded

Comcast wall fountain girls

A meeting at Comcast HQ this past week gave me the excuse to check out the latest updates to the video wall in the lobby. You may recall when Comcast installed the IMAX-like experience last summer. It’s quite a hoot to watch people react to a bunch of wood panels that suddenly become a gigantic movie screen. Well, the cable giant has moved on from solely pastoral video feeds of running water and the like to scenes of dancing girls. The girls, of some yesteryear, are clad in slinky outfits and choreographed in multi-tiered human sculptures. A bit surprising from Comcast, but certainly a showstopper. And if dancing girls aren’t your thing, there are still scenes of falling leaves and cosmic wonders. Plus an oh-so-clever snowy scribe outlining the Comcast Experience. Check out the gallery below.

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2 thoughts on “The Comcast Video Wall Reloaded”

  1. It’s nice to see that Comcast frivolously spends the over charged profits that it robs from its customers with a impractical expensive and useless gimmick.

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