Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  August 27, 2009

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our other blogs:

The Future of the DVR
DVRs will continue to evolve in ways that consumers like and don’t like; in ways that will continue to support industry growth and the big business of content production and distribution; in ways we can’t envision now, but might in just a year’s time.

The Wild Wild West of TV Everywhere

As far as ad measurement is concerned, Quincy Smith from CBS Interactive had the ultimate statement of irony. The Web is supposed to be infinitely quantifiable, but we still don’t know how to equate to the traditional TV standards of reach and frequency.

Fewer Unencrypted QAM & Analog Cable Channels Coming Soon
This allows those cable companies who still have many of their digital QAM channels unencrypted, which don’t require a cable box, to encrypt everything except for the local network affiliates.

The University of WiMAX
Northern Michigan University is launching a Motorola-built WiMAX network and giving away nearly 3,000 WiMAX-enabled laptops to students. As far as anyone seems to know, this is the only stand-alone university WiMAX system in the country.

Windows 7 Commercial Skipping with DVRMSToolbox & ShowAnalyzer

Easy one-button Commercial Skipping is one of the great features of home theater PCs, and Windows 7 has that capability too. To get started we need to have ShowAnalyzer installed as well as DVRMSToolbox and the Windows 7 Media Center Addin.