Free DTV Converter Installation Help

If you’re looking to avoid tech support duty as we approach the broadcast digital TV transition day (now June 12th), there’s some good news out of the FCC. The agency has agreements in place with several contractors to provide free converter box installations. Oddly, I discovered this from the Consuming Interests blog out of Baltimore, but the free service looks to be available in a number of areas nationwide. Plug in your zip code at the site and you’ll get a list of contractors in your area. Some only offer phone support or walk-in clinics, but some actually promise free in-home installation.

Although DTV transition tests have gone well so far, I’m in favor of installation help that goes beyond relying on local volunteer firemen. Hopefully by now folks have also sorted out their converter box coupon issues. The final countdown (really this time) is upon us.

2 thoughts on “Free DTV Converter Installation Help”

  1. That’s the exact set I have at home, in that picture. Serious!

    1991 TV, rabbit ears and a digital converter box – nothing else – and I couldn’t be happier!

  2. What kills me about the transition is that will the constant barrage of lower third scrolls, a couple billion in $40 cards and volunteers with free in home service – there will still be many who have no idea what will be happening on June 12th.

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