Hands on with Eye-Fi Explore Video


The Eye-Fi folks recently shipped me their new 4GB ‘Explore Video’ WiFi card ($99) for review. Unfortunately, the higher capacity SDHC card is incompatible with my aging SD-only digital cam (and I no longer own a Zi6). So we’ve kept it in the family, and Brent’s posted a hands on review over at Geek Tonic using his more capable camera.

Generally speaking, Brent is relatively pleased with the photo and video memory card that automagically uploads recorded content to your choice of home computer (Mac or PC) and/or various online destinations. Transfer speeds won’t match USB, of course, and the WiFi radio may take a toll on your camera’s battery life. But that’s the trade off one makes for clever wireless convenience. The Explore Video model also comes bundled with WiFi-based geotagging (Skyhook) and a year of Wayport hotspot access. (A cheaper $79 Share Video model does away with the geotagging and hotspot subscription. And 2GB SD Eye-Fi cards without video support start at $50.)

On the flip side, in addition to being SDHC only, Brent’s initial card was defective and needed to be replaced. Which was easily identified and worked out with support, prior to disclosing this was a review sample. Also, as Eye-Fi is partially a hosted solution, Brent did experience some downtime (pic below).

We’ll probably hold onto the card a bit longer… I’d like to personally put it through the paces as well, and am hopeful of finding a worthy camera successor at some point (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1?). Plus, I expect the Eye-Fi folks will expand video support beyond YouTube and Flickr.

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