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Dave Zatz —  April 10, 2009

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our other blogs:


Online Video for Cable Operators
Depending on how you look at it, online video is both a threat to and an opportunity for traditional pay-TV providers. It has the potential to undercut subscription fees, and/or it offers a new medium for cable (and telecom) companies to expand their presence with consumers.

The Roadmap for Tru2way
With tru2way rollouts happening now, interactive TV is only one part of the enhanced television game. Updated program guides are top of the list on operators’ tru2way agenda – Comcast’s Mark Hess called it “job 1″.

Operators Speak out at The Cable Show
Aside from wireless, one of the big issues addressed was the “threat” of online video. Roberts was remarkably upbeat on the topic, calling online video “friend not foe” for the cable industry. At the same time, the panel discussed the fact that the industry doesn’t know what the successful business model will be for them yet.

Your SageTV HTPC now Tweets Too
SageTweet allows you to connect your SageTV server to Twitter and report what is recording, when to expect your next scheduled recording and alerts you to when your server is running out of disk space. This version is an early beta version with future enhancements planned including lots of UI polish as well as the ability to tweet additional alerts such as recording conflicts etc.

The Twitter Apps, Tools and Widgets I Use
I change the Twitter apps, tools and widgets I use  so frequently that I decided that a regularly updated post dedicated to the topic would be useful. These are the tools I currently use.