CE Green Guide Just in Time for Earth Day


I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with the green movement. I passionately believe in trying to improve the state of our environment. On the other hand, I find it remarkably depressing that just by living and breathing in a modern world I’m having a negative impact on the Earth. So what am I not ambivalent about? Easy tips for living a greener life. Give me a way to be green without massive and enduring guilt over everything I haven’t done, and I’m on board.

In honor of Earth Day 2009, Retrevo has put out a guide to Greener Living with Electronics. It’s a thick document to wade through, but it’s got nice nuggets of research and some practical recommendations. Read it for green gadget suggestions as well as tips for how to do better with what you’ve got. For example, did you know that muting your TV is the next best thing to turning it off for saving energy? And, in the category of obvious but needs repeating, avoid overnight shipping on your next CE purchase to cut down on transportation energy waste. Also, turn off your game console when you’re not using it! Apparently gaming machines are some of the worst energy offenders out there.

I found one absolute gem in the guide, which was a link to a site called Gazelle. Looking to offload old gadgets? Skip eBay and Craig’s List and let Gazelle pay you money (with free shipping!) for your old stuff. The organization resells working goods and recycles those with no market value. All with minimal effort on your part. They even send you a box.

So this Earth Day, give a little nod to Gaia and do your (guilt-free) part to live a greener gadget life. It’s not so hard after all.

4 thoughts on “CE Green Guide Just in Time for Earth Day”

  1. I wonder if ripping Xbox 360 games to the drive, saves a bit of energy. It sure produces less noise pollution. In my house, the biggest single energy suck (when powered on) is probably the plasma.

  2. Actually, its the packaging of gadgets and DVDs that do the most damage.

    10,000 years from now archeologists will find that huge plastic box the Jawbone headset comes in perfectly in tact, as if new.

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