Pulsar, Satellite Radio on OS X

Earlier this week, I received Rogue Amoeba‘s periodic email newsletter. Among other things, I learned they’re pretty far along on Pulsar – an OS X app that allows you to stream XM or Sirius online radio stations. (Assuming you’re a subscriber.) The software is available now as a free public beta and will run $15 at launch. However, if you happen to own any other Rogue Amoeba software (as I do) you probably qualify for a free license. This isn’t the first satellite radio app I’ve come across, but it’s certainly among the most polished and earns bonus points for supporting both services. And, like some of the others, it’s created from open source software (1, 2, 3).

Satellite radio related, after two years of working from home it appears I’ll shortly be returning to cubicle culture and a lengthy commute. So I may need to reevaluate the decision to dump XM. Although my first priority will be figuring out how to overcome the poor AT&T coverage/reception at this facility.