Kodak in the Living Room

I stopped by the Kodak booth to check out their Wi-Fi photo frames (also getting FrameChannel content), but spent most of my time playing with the Kodak Theatre HD Player. It was launched last fall, but only online and in select Best Buy stores. It’s basically just another media extender – YouTube, Internet radio stations, etc. – except since it’s Kodak the company highlights the photo sharing capabilities. In the video above, check out the photo discovery app. The software starts displaying photos at random on your TV, but if you click one it can bring up other photos taken in the same month across multiple years. View only your summer pics or take a stroll through Christmases past.

The other cool thing about the device is its remote. It gestures and has a scroll wheel, and its entirely intuitive. The remote and the Kodak Player’s interface are both licensed from Hillcrest Labs. Despite Dave’s skepticism, I’m a fan.

2 thoughts on “Kodak in the Living Room”

  1. Dave,

    I’m glad you checked out the Kodak Theatre! I tell people that the difference between reading about it and using it is huge. That remote really works and it makes things all sorts of apps easy to use while also doing more. Sort of like Mac vs DOS all over again!

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