New Solar Laptop Bag a Step in the Right Direction, But…

Voltaic Systems has just announced a new computer bag – the Generator – designed to charge a laptop computer solely with stored energy from the sun’s rays. The bag comes in five colors and is available at the company’s website now.

Since energy waste and the CE industry go hand-in-hand, I’m in favor of anything that makes our shiny gadgets a little greener. Unfortunately, there are a few sticking points with the solar-powered Generator bag. On the one hand it represents an important milestone, and Voltaic Systems should be commended. On the other hand, it’s hardly practical in its current form.

First of all, it takes an hour of sun time to extend laptop battery time by 20 to 45 minutes. If it took an hour to download 20 to 45 minutes of a movie, there would be no Rokus or Vudus or any of the other movie download boxes around. Second, the bag costs $499. That’s more than a lot of netbooks today, and certainly too hefty a price tag for most of the gadget-toters I know.

Since Voltaic Systems is first to market, it deserves a hearty congratulations for the noteworthy achievement. Personally, I’ll be waiting a few more years for my first solar-powered laptop bag. Maybe Christmas 2012.

4 thoughts on “New Solar Laptop Bag a Step in the Right Direction, But…”

  1. Just like solar-powered path lighting has come way down in price since it was introduced, I think these will come down as they become more popular, too. Meantime, Madsonline’s solar panels and other companies’ similar solar gizmos specifically aimed at charging laptpos can only keep getting more effective and more affordable. For now, they’re mostly good for extending the laptop’s battery life, or slooooowly recharging it, but eventually an inexpensive solar panel will power a laptop indefinitely.

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