Unboxing Nero Liquid TV TiVo


Announced about a year ago, the Nero+TiVo collaboration has finally borne fruit. Here in North America. Interesting, as this was originally positioned as a means of international TiVo expansion. (Europe may be on tap for 2009.) And now that Nero’s Liquid TV | TiVo PC DVR solution recently started shipping, I’ve been asked to give it a second look after my initial lukewarm response to an early software download. I’m quite impressed with the comprehensive Liquid TV bundle (MSRP $200, $180 @ Amazon). In addition to the software, package contents consist of an IR dongle, both for controlling a set-top box and for receiving signals from the TiVo remote, and the Hauppauge 950Q USB tuner with accessories – good for ATSC, clear QAM, or NTSC programming. The Liquid TV software is also available independently for $100. Both purchase options include one year of TiVo service. Although charging $99/yr thereafter may not go over so well – especially compared to the free guide services provided to Windows Media Center, BeyondTV, and SageTV. Stay tuned for more coverage in a week or so, after I’ve had more time living with this solution.