On Site at WiMAX World

Mari Silbey —  October 1, 2008

I’m on site at WiMAX World, and while the official festivities didn’t start until today, I spent some time last night at a pre-show event at the nearby Museum of Science and Industry. (Courtesy of my employer, Motorola.)

The gathering was held at the museum’s Smart Home, a high-tech, green model home sporting a live Motorola WiMAX network. (The Sprint Xohm guys were there too – they’re rolling out in Chicago, following the Baltimore launch.) I got to surf and tweet thanks to WiMAX and see some cool WiMAX-enabled apps. Broadband speeds were good enough for streaming video and multi-player gaming. There was also a nice demo of some remote home automation tricks including the use of a handheld unit to open and close window shades over the Internet. (I know you’ve been waiting for that one.)

One response to On Site at WiMAX World

  1. I love your site!!! You have lots of photos.
    Would you mind doing me a favor? Can you check out Airspan’s “MiMAX” devices at WiMAX World? They just launched them today and I would LOVE to see photos of them!
    Keep up the great work!