Off Topic: Skywalker Ranch & Lightsabers


A highlight of my San Francisco vacation was the stop at Skywalker Ranch earlier this week. Of course, they don’t let just anybody in, but my peeps got connections.  ;)

While a lot of the production work for Lucas Films happens at the Presidio, the ranch is home to a major sound studio for the company. There are also several projects ongoing at the site, including documentary work and research at the ranch’s impressive library. Pics below of some of the memorabilia displayed at Skywalker Ranch, as well as the library and the stunning landscape.


Thanks to husband David and to Jen for inviting us out. Check out the documentary series released with the Young Indiana Jones movie, and stay tuned for an upcoming American foreign policy documentary produced by Lucas Films.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic: Skywalker Ranch & Lightsabers”

  1. Mari,
    I’m very jealous. What a great opportunity. I had a chance to visit the ranch almost 20 years ago and even then it was cool. The library was there back then with its unique stairway and wood that came from trees you can no longer cut down.

    It was an interesting time when I visited. Howard the Duck had just been released and I was given specific instructions “DO NOT ask George when he was going to do another Star Wars movie”. :)

    Do you have anymore photos on Flickr? I can’t imagine how much its grown since I visited.


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