New Content for Netflix Roku Box

Netflix Roku Dave may have to hold off on The Battle Royale. Word is that Netflix may be upping the ante with new content for the Roku box. (via Forbes, and Silicon Alley Insider) While Netflix isn’t saying what that content might be, VP Tim Twerdahl claims that a software update later this year will let the Roku box stream video from other “big name” providers.

Clearly the battle of the boxes is leading up to an all-out content war. That’s great news for the content providers and for consumers. More competition means more licensing fees for the providers and more stuff to watch for us at home.

Except, wait a minute. Doesn’t this mean we’re moving toward another video consumption model with a subscription fee and a set-top? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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  1. I’m thinking that Dave’s Battle Royale need to continue. Technology changes all the time (as we all know) so the Battle Royale is only valid for the time it is performed with the devices that are available, and the service that is available, and the content that is available at the time of the test. I am excitedly waiting for the next installment of the current boxes. He can always update his findings with the new content.

    Besides, while content is important, resolution is quickly becoming more important to me. I am becoming so used to true HD display with broadcast HD signals and Blu-Ray movies that I am actually choosing to delay viewing some content until it arrives in an HD format. Upscaling 480i just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

    Once a viable service is in place, content will migrate to the service. So I want to see the Battle Royale look at resolution of the content, viability of the business model, speed and availability of content delivery, etc. more than what content is actually available at this point in time.

  2. I hope it’s something more interesting than YouTube. Hulu’s unpredictable content might be more palitable on the TV. Hm. Supposedly the Roku box is capable of outputting HD, though I’m not sure how much horsepower it has.

  3. @Dave, well now that they have Opened Sourced everything, you can build your own box with as much computational power as you want. 1,000 CPU Beowulf cluster?

  4. Could you please tell me exactly what I need to hook my computer to my wide screen TV. It has too be totally wireless as I have no way of hooking any wires from my computer to my TV. I have a wireless router. Maybe you could give me a Roku stock or part number?

    Thank you
    Bill (

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