Is it a TV? Or is it a Bed?

Mari Silbey —  May 27, 2008

Being The Cable Show, there were plenty of booth stunts at last week’s event in New Orleans. Among them was FOX’s display of beds (yes, mattresses) with large-screen TV projections. See the video above for a quick look. It was shot by a partner in crime (Thanks, Amy!), and that is me you see taking photos in the clip.

8 responses to Is it a TV? Or is it a Bed?

  1. Is there an actual, practical application for this? I can’t think of one.

  2. Kid: the tv is all crumbled looking!
    Mom: Well if you want a clear picture you will go make your bed.

  3. Only one practical purpose, which is why I added the “Advertising” category to Mari’s post. Would have been a more amusing video if Mari got onto the bed and became the screen. That’s what I’d have done. :D

  4. What if they used it to show bed commercials…for the bed they’re showing it on? Or did I just blow your mind?

  5. @RandomRage No practical application at all. Pure silliness. But it was a good complement to the girls posing in a large martini glass further down the show floor. Sadly I didn’t get a pic of that. :(

  6. This is asking for nightmares!

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  8. Well… I guess we’re almost there. Where advertisers will toss ads out at us while we’re asleep. Now you can sleep on your favorite show + commercials… :)

    An interesting way of advertising. I’d be curious if people spent a lot of time looking down at these. Interesting find. Thanks for sharing.