FCC Fines Companies $6 Million for DTV Violations

Mari Silbey —  April 10, 2008

DTV couponA number of companies racked up fines today for violating FCC rules tied to the digital TV transition. According to Jeff Baumgartner, the FCC put out $6 million in fines targeted mainly at retailers who did not correctly label TVs with analog-only tuners. A couple of companies got hit on interstate shipping rules and a couple were fined for violating V-Chip rules.

So is this how the government plans to answer the next funding request from the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) to continue implementing the DTV coupon program? The fines are a hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the $450 million the NTIA plans to ask Congress for. But then again, $6 million is nothing to sneeze at.

8 responses to FCC Fines Companies $6 Million for DTV Violations

  1. did anyone read the article? They are trying to fine Compusa, think they’ll have a long line of people trying to get money out of them. Bankruptcy court?

  2. I believe some of CompUSA’s assets were picked up by TigerDirect… Not sure how/if that factors in.

  3. Yo, Mari, where´s the GD Tuning Resolver. :D

  4. I highly doubt we’ll see a Q2 shipment due to the glacially slow movement of the cable-cos who will want to QA this. I also think we’re going to possibly see some new players in this space, sort of like we have with the converter boxes. Though, like those converter boxes it’ll also be blip in the bigger scheme of things as 2-way OCAP devices (tru2way) will ultimately make this a non-issue. (Except for those early adopters like you and I.)

  5. Hang on. I actually am getting updates. Just waiting for permission to publish. Everything I’ve heard, though, has been good. Will update everyone as soon as I can on the GD tuning resolver. ;)

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