The End of Wi-Fi? Really?


Ericsson is predicting the end of Wi-Fi hotspots in favor of mobile broadband. Sounds great. I love it. But are Ericsson and the tech elite unaware of how expensive mobile broadband is for the average Joe? I’m dying for always-on mobile connectivity, but until service plans drop below $60 per month (or until we get rid of service plans all together) I’ll stick with my free local hot spot at the Bear Rock Cafe.

6 thoughts on “The End of Wi-Fi? Really?”

  1. I guess the whole municipalities-funding-city-wide-WiFi initiatives have fizzled out? I paid for a Sprint aircard out of my own pocket for probably a year (and tethered a 6700 PPC for awhile) prior to joining Sling (they pay now) AND T-Mo’s Starbucks access. I’m not the average Joe and will overpay to ensure I always have connectivity. T-Mobile’s HotSpot roams in fact, and while stuck in the Toronto airport a few hours last fall I was able to be productive (under Boingo I think). Speaking of which, that bill needs to be expensed. ;)

  2. I’m probably not the average joe either, but I do make average joe money and I just can’t justify mobile broadband. Heck, I don’t even send text messages on my phone if I can avoid it. Someone wake me up when I can get unlimited broadband access for just $10 more than my regular phone bill. Until then, I’m with Mhari.. always on the lookout for a WiFi hot spot. I’ve got a list of Cosi cafes and public libraries around Manhattan that I keep with me at all times.

  3. It’s news like this that makes the telcos ( *cough* Verizon *cough*) not want to sell devices with built-in wi-fi…

  4. Ericsson definitely has its own agenda. Oh, and Brad, want to send me that list of free hot spots in NYC? I always end up paying some ridiculous day rate to get access when I’m in the city!

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